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SEEDS Accounts

SEEDS accounts are built on the Telos blockchain, and each SEEDS account has a matching Telos account. Both use the same user account name. If you already have a SEEDS or Telos account, enter your individual or organisation account names.

If you don’t have a SEEDS account, you can request an invitation to join SEEDS and create an account by following the instructions on the ‘Get started’ page.


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Be an active part of the change you want to see in our planet.
Use a regenerative currency designed to benefit all who use it.
You must have a SEEDS Account in order to buy Seeds.


Account Name

NOTE: User account names must contain exactly 12 characters, using a-z, 1-5, starting with a letter.

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Payment Method

Minimum amount: 20$
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EOS EOS(Preferred)
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There is a weekly purchase limit to ensure a fairer distribution of Seeds at each price.

Learn about how you can upgrade your weekly purchase limit of Seeds to 250,000 by becoming a resident or citizen

Note: We don't take any fees. However, our payment provider does. If you want a better rate, you can buy BTC directly "here" and make your Seeds purchase with Bitcoin.

Please type in either the value in Seeds or USD to choose how many Seeds you would like to purchase.

Seeds Seeds

Quota Exceeded

There is a weekly purchase limit to ensure a fairer distribution of Seeds at each price.


You're buying Bitcoin which will be automatically converted to Seeds and sent to your SEEDS account. It takes 20-60 minutes on average for Bitcoin to transfer and receive your Seeds.

Due to Bitcoin's price fluctuations and slow transaction speed
you may receive a different number of Seeds than you were quoted.

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